Accessories brand Armstrong and Wilson has partnered with NBA All Star Chris Bosh to develop his collection “Mr. Nice Tie” for a Fall 2014 launch. The line was designed by Chris who serves as the creative director, and will consist of 5 ties and 5 bow ties. Chris was inspired to create the line by his childhood. “When I was a kid I used to watch my father get ready in the mirror. He used to get dressed and the last thing he always did was tie his tie. I don’t know if he saw me, but I’d constantly watch him get ready in the mirror. I remember being so proud the first time I learned how to tie that first tie knot by myself. That moment to me was priceless” says Bosh.

– Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh presents Mr. Nice Tie

“Chris” character on and off the court is woven throughout the elements that Mr. Nice Tie represents. “Chris has a true love for family, and a diverse range of style that is embodied within the collection,” says Clifton Wilson, Creative Director at Armstrong & Wilson.