Armstrong and Wilson Men’s Pocket Squares & Ties

Superior Quality Men’s Pocket Squares, Pocket Squares with Button & Ties

The New Era of Men’s Accessories

In 2009 two of Esquire magazine “Best Dressed Real Men” Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson combined their creativity to introduce a new variation in men’s fashion accessories: Pocket Squares and Pocket Squares with Button , not intended for the typical “square” guy. In a time where fashion is as subjective as art, it takes someone with expression of individuality and flavor to stand apart from the masses. The Armstrong & Wilson brand incorporates timeless men’s fashion with a splash of modern zest using distinct fabrics, bold colors, and their signature button look to generate a sense of attitude and personality to the Pocket Square accessory.

The Armstrong & Wilson brand since inception has exploded on the retail market nationally and internationally, attracting celebrities and top media outlets along the way. As the innovators of the unique and functional button detail to the pocket square, Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson made it “Okay to be a Square”.  Armstrong and Wilson has been seen on celebrities such as Nick Cannon (Entertainer), Lebron James (Cleveland Cavaliers), Anthony Hamilton (Grammy Award Recipient), Mos Def (Hip Hop Artist/Actor), Al Roker (Today Show), Michael Smith (ESPN), Carson Daly (TV Host), and The Roots (Grammy Award Recipient/The Tonight Show Band) to name a few.

The two men, Ontario Armstrong and Clifton Wilson are sure to prove as two individuals who have a knack for expressing their individuality through their fashion sense. Armstrong and Wilson were selected as finalists for Esquire’s “Best Dressed Real Man in American” contest in 2009 and 2006, respectively.

In 2011 the brand was featured as one Philadelphia Magazine’s Top 50 Best Gifts, additionally it has received features in GQ, WSJ, ESPN Magazine, JET, and The New York Times.